Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Lady at the Bus Stop (RAOK Alert!)

There's a Bingo Hall just down the street from us, a large building that also houses the Fitness Connection where Bethany (my wife) and I work out. A few weeks ago, she met an elderly woman waiting at the bus stop. The woman stopped my wife and asked her if she was was going to take the bus. Bethany was headed to the gym. On a whim, she asked the elderly woman if she needed help.

"Oh no, Dear," she said with a smile. "I just wait here every morning until someone comes along who can use my transfer. It's good for another hour."

When Bethany told me that story it brought a smile to my face. Such a small thing, you know. And yet, what a wonderful act of kindness.

Sometimes, it's good to hear about large extravagant acts of generosity. But for my money, these little ones often mean a lot more.