Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Brief Link Love

Sorry, everyone. Been under the weather the past few days, and I need to sleep. However, saving Oscar Link Love for next week didn't make much sense. Drew live-blogged the Oscars from a different dimension. Apparently, he didn't like the nominees... or having to blog about the Oscars.

The Academy Awards is one show I actually watch every year, and this year was... meh. Billy Crustal Crystal is old, but he had a few good zingers. Parts of his routine, like the whole "what are they thinking", made me roll my eyes wasn't that funny, but it was still better than James "where's the weed" Franco. Emma Stone was awesome, and if you haven't seen Easy A, you need to download rent it immediately. Meryl Streep won. A classy white lady. I'm certain that after nominating her for seventeen years and wondering if Viola Davis was really as good as she was she deserved it. Hey, nothing says art like The Iron Lady.

Jennifer Lopez apparently wore a dress with nipples, although my wife and I were pretty certain they were hers. And Angelina Jolie's Right Leg made an appearance. Too bad her arms didn't show up. Pretty sad to see Lara Croft without the ability to hold a gun anymore. And a terrible example for young girls fretting about being skinny. Look, I love Jolie, but she looked like a crack addict did NOT look attractive.

And if you didn't hear, the Iranian picture that won for the best foreign movie, according to a group of  Iranian jerkoffs the Iranian government, was a win over the Zionist Jews. I get that I'm Canadian, and that I'll never understand a 4000 year-old blood feud, but at some point you have to grow the f*ck up and realize that you're a bunch of racist assholes show some maturity. What a bunch of douchebags.

As for the GOP "leadership" race, Romney won in Michigan and Arizona, and Santorum thinks Obama is a "snob" for wanting kids to go to college. Whatever. There's nothing to say here. Santorum isn't a conservative, he's a fundamentalist. A total whack job. And not even worth talking about for those of us who read books without pictures. What's frightening is that the GOP race is all about men. Good grief, it's like they're channeling their inner Roman. (You do remember Rome, where women had the legal rights of chickens and infants. and no, that's not hyperbole.)

There were some good things that happened, but I'm wiped. I'll post more in the next few days. Thanks for your patience, everyone.