Friday, May 08, 2009

Entertainment Fridays

American Idol, Star Trek, and the Rest of the Weekend

Welcome to Entertainment Fridays, everyone! Although this blog usually centers on issues of faith and politics and life, I will be posting a Friday blog on the entertainment world. It is impossible to separate culture from life because it is the "soup we swim in." (Doug Ward) That said, it is also a chance for those of us who love narrative, be it movies or TV shows or books, to comment about the latest events in the entertainment world.

Every Friday you'll have a chance to comment or promote your own reviews or blogs about the latest entertainment news. Narrative is wonderful way to bring people together. Often times it provides a bridge between people, especially for those of us who find it difficult to open up to one another. Please feel free to comment or email me with suggestions or possible topics in the coming weeks.
This Week - May 2 - 8, 2009

American Idol Update: It's crazy that I'm a fan of American Idol. It is by the far the most commercialized, over produced show in television history. It is also one of the most entertaining. I will post my American idol updates late Friday nights, because Bethany and I tape the show during the week so can enjoy the show every Friday, usually with a bottle of wine. The last three weeks we have correctly guessed who would be voted off. As of this writing, there are four contestants left (yet to watch the May 6th and 7th episodes).

Idol Pet Peeves: Every time an American Idol contestant uses the words "my fans", I want to throw something at the TV. "THEY ARE NOT YOUR FANS! THEY ARE FANS OF THE SHOW!" A few contestants this year were particularly annoying, especially "L'il "not so little" Rounds". Wow. She always looked grumpy, always had something to say back to the judges, and never did get it. Artist vs. singer. Artist vs. Singer. Artist vs. Singer. There was this sense of arrogance with her, which unfortunately was not accompanied by much intelligence. When she started throwing around the "my fans" phrase, I actually dreaded hearing her perform, just in case they asked her question.

The Necessity of Paula: I do not like listening to Paula Abdul. It's like listening to someone speak Swedish or Mandarin who think they are actually speaking English. The rational and intelligent part in me (not that big a part!) cringes every time she opens her mouth. That said, I do think she's necessary. Sometimes we forget that these kids are performing in front of millions, and no matter their previous credentials, they are obviously doing the best they can. Paula is the necessary break for the ones who struggle in their performance. Simon is caustic and unforgiving, and Randy and Kara can be tough too. In that context, it becomes clear why Paula's positivism is so necessary.

Final Four Predictions: This is definitely the most wide-open show in a long time, but I'll stick with my early picks of Danny and Adam. Understand that I like all four contestants, and with this being Rock Week, Alison has a chance to get to the top three.


Anyone else looking forward to the new Star Trek? Origin stories are generally my favourite type of narrative, such as we saw in Batman Begins (I haven't seen the new Wolverine). If you've seen Star Trek, feel free to post a quick review.

There'll be more in the coming weeks as I fine tune this section. I'd love to get your comments and suggestions for it. Have a good weekend, everyone. Remember, we only go around the planet once, don't forget to hug someone tomorrow.