Monday, May 12, 2008

Thoughts from the Week that Was...

First, my apologies to all regarding my lack of posts this past seven days. As many of you know, I finished my semester, and should -- should -- have more time now to post. However, as mentioned before, living the dream, as it were, includes tremendous sacrifice (I've made myself poor to give myself time to write). At the end of last week, I gave myself four months to make some head way as I transition into a more focused life of writing. This past week I worked on a new article, and edited five chapters from my book, In Love With a Stranger, that I'll be sending out proposals for to various publishers in the next few weeks. All of that to explain why I haven't posted my new blog. The columns I write on this website do not take the time of an article, they do however, generally take a couple of days to write.
I will have another column posted in the next two days however, and it will be controversial. Some of you will hate it. My hope, whether you agree with me or not, is that it will make you think. As for this week, here on some thoughts...

What I Liked

1. I was heading into work on Tuesday, and a Canadian goose was waddling across the middle of the street, effectively blocking all the traffic. A Chinese woman was trying to shoo it across the road, but it just kept honking and running away from her. Very funny. Traffic was backed up for at least a mile, but no one (who could see what was happening) seemed very upset. Like me, I think they were enjoying the humour (and humanity) of the situation. No one had left their car or was screaming at the 'stupid bird' at least. It's funny, but sometimes it's necessary to pause for life, isn't it? How cool that a Canadian goose can stop so many people just by wandering onto the road. Very cool... and very, very funny.

2. Obama has nearly grabbed the nomination. The two Democratic nominees continue to battle, but Obama's big win in North Carolina, along with his narrow defeat in Indiana, have all but sealed the Democratic nomination. With Clinton bleeding, especially when it comes to fund raising, it's time for the Democrats to announce their ticket. Obama is the better candidate. Clinton is too tarnished, too vacuous, and too polarizing in a general election.

3. I'm finished writing essays! The semester is over! No, I know this isn't a headline grabber, but it's a big deal in my small world, at least. For all of you who have finally finished the year, go grab a pint and celebrate... that's what Jesus would do. (See Jesus, wedding at Cana)

4. People arguing over who will pay. It happened a couple of times this week. People arguing at the till over who would pay. Two people would thrust a twenty or ten in my direction and insist that they pay for it. I have to say, it is a wonderful thing to see. Yes, pride is involved. But what I also see are people who are trying to lift one another up. After a long day serving customers, this always gives me a boost.

Things I Didn't Like

1. Why is Hillary insisting on holding on? All is does is break down the Democratic Party. Is she that vain? (rhetorical question) She is damaging Obama and giving hope to the Republicans. I'm not "anti-republican" and there is a lot to like about McCain... but he's 71 years old!! C'mon, people! Let's see what Obama can do!

2. Another week watching people driving BMW's and SUV's park in the No Parking zone outside my cafe. It sounds like a generalization, but the sense of entitlement for people who have money is ridiculous. People -- wealthy individuals -- refuse to walk an extra twenty feet even when the parking lot is empty. I confronted one of my customers about it this week, as he'd parked directly over the huge yellow painted letters "NO PARKING", that he couldn't park right in front of the store. His grunt made me wonder. Perhaps becoming wealthy means you actually become not only selfish, but an idiot as well.

3. Kobe winning the MVP. Okay, so the NBA is not a priority on everyone's list. I get that. And Kobe is terrific. But Kevin Garnett changed the entire culture of the Boston Celtics with his intensity and talent in one year. As deserving as Kobe Bryant is, awarding him the MVP is an embarrassment to the league.
I'll post my next blog in a couple of days...