Sunday, November 18, 2007

All Right, Guys, you asked for more Sports...

When I started this blog, I promised the occasional trip through the world of sports. (I even included it in the headline) And I was also told that if I wanted to appeal to more men, I needed to more "men's" blogs about things like sports. This falls under that category, except that I won't be posting those articles here.

I've accepted the position of head basketball writer for a new sports website called Downtown Sports. I'll also be writing articles about other things in the sports world, with an alternate focus on baseball, the two sports I feel most qualified to write about. The position is unpaid to start, but after so many years of coaching and playing, I thought it was time to start writing about one of my other passions. My first article will be posted on Monday (about the Raptors).

I'll put a link on the side here for those who are interested. I'd also love to hear your thoughts about it, guys. Give me your opinions. Is there something in the basketball world you want me to talk about? Amateur. Pro. College ball. Here's a chance to push your own ideas and issues in the world of sports, so don't be shy.