Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Video? Yes, but this is something different...

Hey everyone,

When I first decided to leave everything in pursuit of my dreams six months ago, I was scared. How would I handle all this change? I was thirty five years old. What would I do after school? Was it worth it to give up my secure life in a city I had grown to love and adopt as my own?

Before I figured out what city I'd be living in, I made another decision. I wanted to live in community. I was tired of living alone. I'd long since been convinced that living alone was outside of God's best for me. Frankly, it was unhealthy. And I was tired of coming home to an empty apartment.

Still, I had my doubts. Living in community sounded nice, it sounded right, but I didn't know anyone in Toronto. And what if I didn't get along with my room mates. I'd heard the horror stories.

What an amazing month this has been.

Those concerns have all been answered, and I've been blessed with great housemates and a new set of friends. What's remarkable about my new 'family' is that they have all travelled much farther than me. Nine people. Six countries. It seems I'm not the only one living out life in pursuit of their dream.

I see what we share at the house as something special. This video is just the first of my ongoing documentary about following your heart to pursue your dreams, about how we need to be active in our own life. Along the way, we'll address other issues such as race, cultural barriers, unity, and faith. But for now, I'd just like to introduce you to some of the gang.