Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to the LKV!

And so it begins.

There was a time in my life when I looked at religious satire with about the same disdain I reserved for atheism. Most of it just seemed bitter and wrong somehow. I was content within my fundamentalist window, content to live within the separate world of the church. Back then, all of my friends were Christians, as I took seriously the teaching of 'bad company corrupting good character'. What I didn't account for, however, was the primary teaching of Jesus, which is exactly the opposite. Good company is necessary to correct bad character.

He did that with his life.

He hung around prostitues and drunkards and shifty tax collectors. When the religious and moral leaders questioned him, he said that it was the sick who needed a doctor, not the healthy.
And if that's the case, than why do we insist on making the same mistakes the Pharisees did so many years ago, the same Pharisees that Jesus ravaged for their insular and hypocritical lives.
That is the purpose of satire. To enlighten and provoke and question.

That said, my friend Mark Groleau and I have started a company, Little Known Verses, to spread the word about the real Jesus. The Jewish boy, a bastard born in a blue collar town, the one who swore at the leaders and turned over the tables in the temple and cried for his people. The one who celebrated life, and taught, by his life, a whole new way of living.

The LKV is more than just T-shirts (although I guarantee you that you haven't seen any T-shirts like this). For now, our store is on ebay here, but in the coming weeks we'll be adding an Official LKV MySpace website, another website/blog, along with some videos and other fun stuff. My only prayer is that when you see our videos and our posters and T-shirts, you yourself this question: Am I offended? And if so, why? Is there truth there?

We believe that laughter spilled easily from the lips of Jesus, that while he was a man of sorrows, and certainly dealt with loneliness, that his humor is self-evident in Scripture (although it often gets lost in modern Western translation).

For those of you who are curious, Mark and I are both full time Seminary students, and we both believe that the gospel is bigger, deeper and wider than the current trite we find in evangelical pamphlets. As the Son of God, Jesus announced a whole new kingdom, a kingdom that is already here. To that end, we have given Him our lives.

We'd love to have you join us. I'll keep you posted on further developments, including our first sixty second commerical and new website, in the coming weeks.

God Bless