Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I found the letter below (in red) on a Christian Ministry site, I won't say where, and had to post it. I might also ad that I threw up a little in my mouth as I did so. When I read this type of garbage, I'm wondering, as always, what eighty per cent of the world is thinking when they can barely survive. I'm also wondering why everyone looks so plastic and shiny with their expensive clothes and shiny cars on these "get rich" and "have faith" Christian web sites, when the goal, as stated below, is "distribution".

I guess what they mean by distribution is a consumptive, pietous approach that allows a certain group of Christians to stuff themselves with food to the point of bursting while condemning those who would dare have a drink of wine. These same Christians will get in their seventy thousand dollar vehicle, drive home after a night of feasting and "prayer" to their mansion, and look you straight in the eye when they talk about holiness.

Meanwhile, four or out of five people in this world can barely survive the day. I guess their 'faith' isn't very strong, is it? It must be their heathen ways. If only they would adopt the motto "I Am Rich". Maybe that's the answer.

And for once, could the people in North America and the West kindly shut up!!

WE ARE RICH!!!!!!!!

Dear Congregation,

It is wonderful to be back with our congregation! Pastor Terri and I had a welcome break and we thank you again for allowing us to rest. We've had some great speakers and I know you were blessed. And now, we are ready to jump into our new series, The Blessing of the Lord Maketh Rich. We've begun to study about what it means to be a "rich Christian."

We've discovered there are several things that have been holding some of us back: A lack of understanding and right teaching of biblical wealth, religious thinking, and the curse of poverty. But I would like to encourage you to dare to say "I Am Rich!" Remember, "Rich" and "Wealth" are not bad words—they are Bible words. It is as much God's will for you to be wealthy as it is for you to be healthy. He wants us to live beyond a "paycheck to paycheck," barely surviving lifestyle. He wants us to live life with the Blessing of Covenant Wealth on us.

Our motivation for accumulation is distribution. Be sure to be here every service as we continue to study about the blessing; how to receive wealth, how to conduct ourselves around it, and how to properly handle it.

Wealth is a blessing,

How this type of thinking must break God's heart. This letter, this understanding that blessing from God means being exceptionally wealthy, and yes, if you have a car and a home, you are exceptionally wealthy (you are in fact, in the top 5% of all the world in terms of personal wealth.) is a cancer in our society and a cancer in the church.

If you can not see why this letter is so wrong, if you can not see the faces of those who have so little, and if you can not see how much we truly are blessed with, than I can only encourage you to open your eyes. Kingdom living is about life, not luxury. Have we forgotten about Jesus, our (purported) Savior? What did he own? Looks to me like we have. How sad...