Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kingdom Living

I think it's difficult, in our culture, with all of our wealth and easy access to everything, to maintain the meta-narrative pf a purposeful God and a purposeful life without focusing on ourselves. It strikes me that it is nearly impossible at times to drag myself away from the television, American Idol, daily routine of wealthy living.

A friend of mine reminds me of these things. She's gone to Africa (Lesotho) for six months on her own dime to help and teach in one of their schools. Every week she has been posting a blog about her experiences. IN reading these, I was struck by how easily I allow my self to operate in self pity, instead of getting out there and trying to make a difference.

This past month I've applied for an internship with Sojourners in Washington, D.C. For a year you volunteer and live in community with a group of 8 other volunteers, and work for their organization, which advocates for social justice and the poor. A surprising number of people apply for these internship positions, and I know that there are a lot of good people who do apply, so it will be quite an honour if I am selected. Still, I'd love for you to keep it your prayers.

If not this internship, I'll be looking for something else, something similar. I recognize that my life, such as it is, is getting lost, and I do need some sort of missionary like experience to help me see the big picture. God grant me the strength to continue to pursue what He wants for me...